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There are three levels of certification's for scaffolding.

The levels are basic scaffolding (SB Ticket Licence), intermediate scaffolding (SI Ticket Licence) and advanced scaffolding (SA Ticket Licence). These are designed for participants to gain the necessary skills to erect and disassemble scaffolding.

About Scaffolding Courses in Perth

To be a scaffolder includes setting up or removing scaffolding to create work platforms and railings for buildings or construction sites.

While there are various styles of work with different levels of scaffolding, the majority of scaffolders are engaged in different aspects of the following work:

Check the specifications for, and then build, scaffolding.

Set up safety clamps, steel bars and support braces to shape platforms.

Understand the various requirements of different scaffolding equipment.

There are three tiers of scaffolding licenses in Australia: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

The scaffolder is someone who has a license to:

"To erect, alter or disassemble any scaffold from which a person or object could fall 4 meters from the working platform."

What You Will Learn in a Scaffolding Course

This basic scaffolding course defines the materials needed to erect, change and disassemble scaffolding at the basic level, consisting of scaffolding work related to the function or use of modular or prefabricated scaffolding, cantilevered material hoists with a maximum working load of 500kg, ropes and gin wheels, safety nets and static lines, and bracket scaffolds.

Students will have the realistic application to conduct dogging properly and will be able to:

  • Define risk management mechanisms with appropriate requirements to ensure the protection of staff and facilities.
  • Obtain site details
  • Identify and measure all pressures and loads imposed on and by scaffolding and/or scaffolding equipment
  • Define scaffolding, related equipment and scaffolding equipment in coordination with relevant staff (where applicable).
  • Classify safety equipment
  • Identify appropriate methods of contact with appropriate staff.
  • Pick and inspect scaffolding, related equipment and scaffolding equipment according to procedures and site information.

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Scaffolding Course Prerequisites

Participants must have basic level of understanding with math and English. You will be required to pass a simple Language, Literacy and Numeracy test before commencing this course.

Participants must be physically able to:

  • Undertake manual handling tasks
  • Physical fitness is required to enable you to carry equipment associated with scaffolding
  • Climb
  • Manoeuvre hand tools

Typical Course Entry Requirements

  • Hold an active and current High Risk Dogging Work License (DG class) OR the current Notice of Assessment for DG issued by the WorkSafe Assessor AND the Statement of Attainment for CPCCLDG3001A – Performing Dogging License.
  • 2 identifying forms-1 x major, 1 x secondary OR 2 x primary. All IDs supplied must be valid for at least one month of validity.
  • Bring safety boots to undertake the practical aspect of the course
  • Be able to understand, read and write English and learn mathematical formulae and calculations.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • If you have a valid high-risk licence issued in a state other than WA, you must carry it with you on the day of the course.
  • Wear long workpants and long work sleeved shirt

ID Verification

Primary ID

  • Australian Driver's Licence
  • Passport Passport
  • High Risk Licence for Work
  • Certificate of Birth

Secondary ID

  • Card for Medicare
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Ticket for skippers

Build Your Dream Career

Equip yourself with the skills and tickets for a successful career in construction, civil, mining or transport industries today!

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