Dogging Ticket Perth (DG)

After you successfully complete a Dogging Course you will receive a Work Safe High Risk Dogging Ticket.

In a Dogging Course you will learn the skills needed to execute the slinging techniques, including the selection and inspection of the lifting equipment and the guiding of the crane operator.

Dogging Training and Courses in  Perth

A dogman ticket/ dogging course is designed for students trying to gain the requisite licence to work in the mining or building industry.

This type of ticket is required to conduct the slinging procedures, including the collection and inspection of the lifting gear and/or the steering of the crane operator while the load is not perceived by the crane/operator for licensing purposes.

What you Need to Know About Dogging Courses in


  • You do not need prior experience of dogging operations.
  • You must be free of any physical or medical condition that may affect the safe
    undertaking of Dogging work.
  • You must be able to read, write and communicate in the English Language to a level that would ensure safe operation in an Australian workplace.
  • You need to be at least 18 years to undertake this course due to WorkSafe WA Licensing Requirements.
  • Dogging Training courses in Perth seeks to provide learners with the requisite skills and experience to carry out dogging practice in a variety of working conditions in a secure and effective way in order to receive a dogmatic licence.

    Perth Dogging Course Usually Cover:

    • Applicable regulations and guidelines.
    • The different types of cranes.
    • Crane and other aspects of cranes and dogging operations have been set up.
    • Communication and working safely with others in the work area.
    • Moving loads in conjunction with cranes including, the reading of tags, slinging, loading, directing and landing loads with a slewing mobile crane with a telescopic boom and a winch, in and out of sight of the crane/ operator, moving four loads of varying shapes, sizes and weights.
    • Pick and test the lifting devices and equipment.
    • Risk management procedures assessment technique for the lifting operations.
    • Danger assessment techniques for lifting activities.
    • Applications and characteristics.
    • Compliance with Commonwealth, state or territory OHS legislation, standards relevant to safe dogging and crane operations.
    • Hazard prevention and control measures consistent with appropriate standards.
    • Using fibre and/or synthetic rope as tag lines, and connecting to loads using clove hitch, rolling hitch, bowline and single sheetbend.
    • Conducting pre and post operational checks of the lifting equipment.
    • Ensure hazard management procedures are compliant with the required requirements to ensure the safety of staff and equipment.

    Dogging Course Pre Requisites

    Participants must be at least 18 years of age and must use English at a level that safely enables high-risk performance as defined in the criteria of competency.

    To successfully complete training, learners need to be able to understand, read and write basic English and learn to complete mathematical calculations.

    What Work opportunities are there with a Dogging Certificate?

    Trainees who successfully pass this unit of competence and receive a licence would be able to operate as a dogger in the civil or resource sectors where the load is off-site for the crane/plant operator.

    Who Needs a Dogman Licence to Work?

    Anyone who is involved in some form of dogging work is expected to have a dogmatic ticket. Slinging a load involves more than just hooking up the respective chains or cables. In order to sling a load safely, it needs an understanding of the suitability of the lifting gear as well as of the method of slinging needed.

    How Long Does a Basic Dogman Ticket Last?

    In principle, your dogging license will last indefinitely. However, as a driver's license, it has to be renewed. A dogmatic certification must be renewed after five years.

    Further Rigging Education

    A dogging licence is a requirement for registration at the specific stage of the Performing Rigging Licence. CPCCLDG3001A The Licence for dogging can be credited to the globally accepted certification Certificate III in Dogging CPC30511. it is also possible to complete a combined dogging and rigging course. 

    What Do Students Need to Wear?

    The participants of the course are expected to wear comfortable work clothes. Steel capped safety boots are required for high risk courses.

    How much is a rigging course?

    Costs of training can be between $1000 and $2000. Please get in touch for a personalised quote. 

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