Skid Steer Licence Training Perth

Skid Steer Training Courses is designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to conduct skid steer loader operations (bobcat) safely within the civil construction, rail infrastructure and mining industries.

About Skid Steer Training Courses in Perth

RIIMPO318F Perform Civil Construction Skid Steer Loader Operations is part of training.

Skid Steer Training Skid Steer (Bobcat) Operations shall cover the operation of skid steering loaders in the civil construction industry.

Course can includes: planning and preparation; pre-operational inspection of the system; operation of skid steer loader, including stripping/spreading of topsoil and materials; lifting, loading of vehicles, excavations, mixing materials; collection, removal and fitting of attachments; relocation of skid steer loaders; maintenance of the machine operator; and cleaning.

Skid Steer Licence Training

The functional aspect carried out at the customer's premises includes the completion of risk analysis for the use of the skid steering loader, the completion of pre-operation tests in compliance with the site procedures/manual, operator's the demonstration of knowledge of the main operating controls of the skid steering loader, and the operation of the skid steering loader:

  • Push up the soil
  • Dump the soil/material to the pile
  • Operate as per manufacturer's instruction
  • Levelling of soil and materials
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Check controls and equipment
  • Shut down equipment and secure site
  • Fill the bucket efficiently
  • Hazard identification and control measures
  • Spreading bucket/s of soil/material
  • Loading a truck or hopper
  • Plan work
  • Shift load
  • Duty of care of all people in the workplace

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