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An Intermediate Scaffolding Course is suitable for those personnel who hold a basic scaffolding licence and are seeking to upgrade to an intermediate scaffolding licence.

While basic scaffolding licences only allow workers to carry out limited scaffolding scaffolding work

About Intermediate Scaffolding Courses in Perth

Scaffolding Intermediate courses specifies the results needed for the erection, modification and disassembly of scaffolding at the Intermediate stage, which requires the use and function of Cantilevered crane loading platforms, Cantilevered and spurred scaffolding platforms, perimeter safety screens and shutters Mast climbers, Barrow ramps and sloping platforms and tube and coupling scaffolding (including tube and coupling cover).

Students will have the realistic application to conduct dogging properly and will be able to:

● Define risk management mechanisms with appropriate requirements to insure the protection of staff and facilities.

● Get information about the site.

● Classify on-site scaffolding, related facilities and scaffolding equipment with sufficient staff (where applicable).

● Recognize security devices.

● Assess and measure all forces and loads exerted on and by the scaffolding and/or scaffolding equipment.

● Define appropriate means of contact with appropriate staff.

● Pick and inspect scaffold, related equipment and scaffold equipment according to procedures and site information.

● Isolate all faulty scaffold, related devices, scaffold and protection equipment in compliance with procedures.

● Report and document all faulty scaffold, related equipment, scaffold and safety equipment in compliance with procedures.

Competence Verification (VOC) is available for this course.

Typical Learning Outcomes

  • Communication and working safely with others in the work area.
  • Cantilevered, spurred and tube and coupler scaffolds to be of a minimum height of 5.0 metres above the supporting surface with full edge protection, for each work platform including toe boards and handrails.
  • Planning, erection and dismantling of a scaffolding system, in accordance with procedures
  • Risk assessment and management procedure at an intermediate scaffolder level.
  • Apply safety screen to tube and coupler scaffold.
  • Compliance inspections of scaffold and scaffold equipment for intermediate scaffolding.
  • Complete handover certificate as required.

What You Will Learn an Intermediate Scaffolding Course

  • Frame Scaffolds
  • Inspection & Maintenance of Scaffold Equipment
  • Cantilevered materials
  • Birdcage Scaffolds
  • Crane Loading Platforms
  • Bends & Hitched
  • Modular Scaffolds
  • Rigidity
  • Working Platforms (loads and load classifications)
  • Modular Scaffolds
  • General Safety Training (common scaffolding hazards and preparing a scaffolding plan)
  • Industrial Safety Nets
  • Trestle & Bracket Scaffolds
  • Cantilevered Platform Hoists
  • Ancillary Equipment (safety harnesses, record keeping and the use of gin wheels)
  • Mobile Scaffolds
  • Modular or Pre-Fabricated scaffolds
  • Access to Scaffolds
  • Structural Stability
  • Foundations
  • Types of Scaffolds (scaffolding components)

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Typical Course Entry Requirements

  • You do not need prior experience of scaffolding operations.
  • You must be able to read, write and communicate in the English Language to a level that would ensure safe operation in an Australian workplace.
  •  You must be free of any physical or medical condition that may affect the safe undertaking of Basic Scaffolding work.
  • You need to be at least 18 years to undertake this course due to WorkSafe WA Licencing Requirements.

Build Your Dream Career

Equip yourself with the skills and tickets for a successful career in construction, civil, mining or transport industries today!

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